4 Instagram Hashtag Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Instagram Hashtag mistakes you should avoid

Adding hashtags is perhaps one of the best ways to get more Instagram engagement. They ensure that your post can be found when people are searching Instagram for photos of a certain subject. This way you can attract new followers to your Instagram and get more likes on your posts. But how do you find the hashtags that fit your account and actually work? Today, we’re discussing some hashtag mistakes that are delaying the growth and visibility of your account.

1) Use popular hashtags

Do you already use popular Instagram hashtags like #travelgram #ootd #picoftheday #instadaily #throwbacktuesday etc. but they aren’t working? This is why: the most popular hashtags have over 100 million post that use these hashtags. These hashtags are used by so many Instagrammers, which means that every few seconds, over 10 new posts are added with the same hashtag.

Within a minute there are over 60 new post that avoid you from reaching your target audience. There will be so many posts in such a short time that your audience is unable to even find your post. It’s not specifically bad to use these hashtags, but if you don’t have a lot of engagement right now, it’s better to search for lesspopular hashtags.

2) Use spammers or self-made hashtags

Choose your hashtags carefully and be aware that some hashtags may attract spam accounts and certain types of photos that you might not want to be associated with. Tags like #follow4follow and #tagforlikes are really not done, the only people you attract with these tags are bots. It also makes no sense to use self-made hashtags, because there is a small chance that someone will search for them, so try to avoid them.

3) Use the same #hashtags over and over 

Have you’ve ever heard of the Instagram Shadowban? If not, please be aware of Instagram’s spamming detection. When you use the exact same set of hashtags on each post, you risk having your account being seen as a spam account, this means that your posts will no longer show up in the hashtag search results.That’s why it’s so important to use different hashtags for every post.Not only to avoid being banned by the Instagram, but also to avoid that people will report your account as spam. When your account is seen as spam, all your work has been done for nothing, because it’s difficult to gain back your good image and you will probably have lost a lot of followers during this time.

4) Use less than 30 Hashtags 

Instagram allows you to use up to30 hashtags on your posts, yet we’ve seen people tryto grow their account only useten or less.It’s common to see accounts with extremely large followings usefewer hashtags, but it’s honestly because they’ve already reached their goal.

If you are in the growing phase and aren’t satisfied with the size of your following or the engagement that your posts are receiving, you should continue to use all of the30 hashtags. Because hashtags are the key to your visibility on Instagram, the more hashtags youuse the more engagement you will receiveon your post. So, there’s no reason not to maximize your reach by including 30 hashtags on each post. Maybe it’s hard to find 30 hashtags for every post, but I will ensure you that this hard work really pays off.