How To Create a Perfect Teal Blue Sky in Lightroom Mobile

Teal Blue Sky – Lightroom Tutorial

Want to turn your gloomy sky into a beautiful teal colored eye-catcher, or make the oceans in your pics a little clearer and brighter?
Follow these steps and take you’re editing skills to a new level! Create a beautiful edit within a few clicks with the free Lightroom app.

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Step 1: Light and Exposure


First raise the ‘Highlights’ and ‘Exposure’ just a little. Try raising the Highlights a little higher than the Exposure tab, by doing this; you won’t overexpose the lighting in your picture. That’s why we always recommend raising the exposure to a maximum of +0,40 on outdoor pics, this will provide the best result!

When your picture is a little too dark, you could also raise the ‘Shadows’, don’t raise them too much in orderto keep the blacks in your picture. Sometimes you also need to raise the ‘Whites’ a little for the perfect lightning.

When it comes to Light and Exposure, keep in mind that less is more. Don’t lower or raise the sliders too much, so you keep the most natural look!

Step 3: Color Mix

The last step will be your absolute favorite! Here is where you go to turn the sky into a beauty. Go to the ‘Mix sliders’ under the color tab. Search for the blue color tab and lower the ‘Hue’ slider until you get the perfect result. Fun fact: You don’t have to use the teal sliders, only the blue one will do the work for you.

After following these 3 steps you will be able to boost your own summer pics, if you don’t want to do it yourself every time again. Check our: Tropical Teal presets here.

Hope you enjoy editing your pics!



Step 2: Color temperature & white balance

If for example, your sky is a little too white/greyish, you first need to lower the white balance ‘Temperature’ a little to get some blue color back. Don’t lower it too much to get the most natural result later, but make sure you some blue tints are showing.

If your picture already has ablue sky, don’t lower the ‘Temperature’but raise ita little bit to get more warmth in your picture. Again: don’t raise this one too much!

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