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How to create selective color in Lightroom

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How to create selective color in Lightroom

One of the effects many people like to use whilst editing their photos, is to remove all color from the image and highlight only one color in the image. This is called: Selective Color. For example: in a portrait shot you might turn the entire image into black and white, leaving just a girl’s red lips in color. Or when you’ve visited London, you probably like to edit your own pics of a red phone box or a bus in a black and white picture. Here’s how to quickly achieve this Selective Color effect in the free Lightroom app.

As an example: we used the color red in this edit, but you can always pick any color you like. 

“You only need to know how to use the color mix sliders to get this done”

How to use the color sliders

Before we start, we would like to give you some instructions on how to use the color sliders; The Color Mix sliders allow you to refine the hue, saturation, and luminance of specific colors. Hue changes the character or “flavor” of the color. Saturation makes the color more or less intense; and Luminance adjusts the brightness of the color.

For the colors we don’t want to show in our picture, we don’t need to use the Hue slider. So, for every color you want to remove from your picture you need to adjust
the Brightness (Luminance) and the Saturation of the color.

For every color you want to remove, bring the Saturation slider to -100 and the Luminance up to +100. After you’ve done this for all the colors except the one you want to show. Voila! here is your perfect selective color picture!

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