How to create your own Lightroom Presets – Lightroom Mobile

How to create your own Lightroom Presets

Have you ever wondered how to create your own Lightroom preset in the Lightroom mobile app? This is easier than you think. In this small blog we help you to create your own presets in a few steps.

Step 1: Edit your picture


First, you want to select a photo to edit. Make sure you edit this photo according to how you want your preset to look. When you add the perfect adjustments, save this image and use it for the following steps.

Step 2: Save your preset


When you’re done editing, you are ready to save your own preset by the following steps:

  1.     Click on the dots in the right top corner.
  2.     Tap on ‘Create preset’
  3.     Give your preset a name (in the video we named it: ‘’New Preset’’)
  4.     Save it
  5.     Now you can find your preset under the presets tab > User Presets

Step 3:  Improve your preset


When you are finished making your preset, try it out on other images. When it doesn’t fit as you expected, it’s time to improve and make some small adjustments. After that, you can save the preset again using a different name. That way you can keep the original. It’s always good to keep improving your presets until the they can fit a range of different kinds of images.