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Hi, We are Pixgrade, and we are looking for new influencers with an affinity with photography and photo editing. You do not have to be a top photographer for that. But if you share this love, than we would like to talk about our collab program.

About our Influencer program

What we can offer is the free use of our services, which means that you can get our preset packages for free to use on your instagram photos. In exchange for that we would like that you mention @pixgrade.presets in you instagram pictures. We will send you the exact terms and conditions by email after signing up for our program.
Please note: We would like to tell you that we are still a rising company and therefore we can not provide any fees (money). 


Lightroom presets are one of the most advanced photo filters on the market. They can tweak every detail in your picture, such as exposure, shadows, whites, colors, vibrance, sharpness and more. These filters work better than any other filter, for example the ones that you can use on Instagram. That’s because of the wide variety of settings inside the Lightroom filters. Lightroom presets can completely change the look of your photos and can give a specific style to your photos with just one click. Want to learn more about Lightroom presets? You can read it in this blog.

You can sign up for our influencer program in the form under this page. Within a few days you will receive a message from us if we think your account is matching our standards. When we want to collaborate with you we will send you all the information how to start the program and receiving our products. 


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