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(Up)grade your pics within one-click with these amazing Lightroom Mobile Presets.
All Pixgrade Presets are compatible with the free Lightroom mobile app . All Lightroom Packages comes with XMP and DNG files.
All Lightroom Preset Packages includes Mobile and Desktop Presets so you can use the presets on every device.
Buy here your Mobile Presets for every occassion.

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Mobile Presets

Best Lightroom Presets that edit your photos within one click.

All our Lightroom Presets are compatible all mobile devices .Quick and easy to install. Pixgrade Presets are designed for every image files such as Raw and DNG. There is no need to be a professional photograph editor to achieve amazing pictures with Lightroom Presets on your mobile device.

With Pixgrade Presets you can edit your pics within one click. Buy here the Best Lightroom Presets that you can download right away!

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What Are Lightroom Mobile Presets?

Lightroom mobile presets are one-click photo editing tools that can speed up your workflow and give your  photos a professional look. Lightroom “presets” are like photo filters. The difference between Lightroom filters and other filters from Instagram and other apps is that with Lightroom Presets you have more control over them and you can adjust pretty much every detail in your images, such as exposure, shadows, whites, colors, vibrance, sharpness and more. Lightroom presets can completely change the look of your photos and can give a specific style to your photos with just one click.

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