Pixgrade’s Best Free Lightroom Presets For Mobile

Lightroom Presets are the most popular ‘filters’ used by bloggers and Instagrammers and a must have for every photographer. Not only because Lightroom presets can help save you a ton of time during photo editing. Presets are alsothe best solution to create consistency for your Instagram feed, blog or brand image.

Want to know how great Lightroom Presets are and what they can do for you?
Let’s find out for yourself with these 3 free presets for mobile. Don’t worry it’s totally 

We selected our Best Lightroom Presets for Mobile to give you a taste of the beauty of Lightroom Presets.

Which Presets are included?

We selected 3 of our favorite presets

1 x Summer Glow Preset
1 x Minimal Whites Preset
1 x Digital Nomad Preset


Want to get a taste of these 3 free presets? You will find them here:​ Try out for Free

New to Lightroom Presets? Here you will find the installation guides.

Enjoy your Presets!

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Try out 3 presets for free!

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