Nude Tones - Lightroom Presets


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  • DNG Presets for mobile, XMP Presets for Desktop
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  • Free Lightroom Preset installation guide
  • Great Presets for your Instagram and Blog

8 DNG Presets for mobile
8 XMP Presets for desktop
1 Installation guide to install the Lightroom Presets


Suitable for
Lightroom CC Mobile App  (Free version)
All Lightroom CC Desktop versions (Paid version)

Nude Tones - Lightroom Presets

The Pixgrade Nude Tones Preset Package for Adobe Lightroom  will be great for your Instagram and blog feed. These Nude Presets give your pictures a natural and soft look to create the perfect skin tones. The Nude Tones Presets have a minimalistic vibe with a warm and airy style. This Lightroom Preset package is great for indoor and outdoor photography.

This Nude Tones Presets package include a great variety of 8 different Lightroom Presets, each Preset is created with a different focus and a variety of colors to cover a wide range of image types and lighting scenarios.

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