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9 DNG Presets for mobile
9 XMP Presets for desktop
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Suitable for
Lightroom CC Mobile App  (Free version)
All Lightroom CC Desktop versions (Paid version)

Santorini - Lightroom Presets

The Pixgrade Santorini Lightroom Presets are designed for photos taken on the beautiful island of Santorini (Greece), but are definitely a must have for every travel blogger or photographer. These Santorini Presets tweak every blue color into an eye catcher, make white colors even whiter and adds more color to your pictures. In this Preset package you will find a great variation of 9 different Lightroom Presets with focus on lightning, brighter color grading and blues. These Presets work amazing on outside shots.

With the Santorini presets you get a wide variety of 9 different presets for mobile and desktop with each a different focus and a variety of colors to cover a wide range of image types and lighting scenarios.

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